One of the main focuses of the ministerial care at Providence Place is presence. It is not always about having the right answer —or any answer— sometimes it is simply about being there.

Ministerial Services

Our ministry department exists to provide spiritual support and encouragement for our residents. Various services of non-denominational Christian worship are offered each week at different times and in different venues across our campus. Our ministry staff is also available to provide spiritual counsel and to be a listening ear for residents and family members. Although our role is not to take the place of a person’s local religious community, we strive to be a supplement to those communities while residents are at our facilities.

Chaplain ministry in a senior adult health care setting involves many opportunities for interaction. One of the main opportunities is presence. It is not always having the right answer—or any answer—that is needed; sometimes it is simply being there. This environment often provides for a continuity of presence with a resident as they move from one level of care to another. Having established a relationship at one level of care makes it easy to move with the resident as their level of care changes. My role is not to replace anyone’s faith community, but to provide care as a supplement to the individual’s faith community. If they do not have a faith community, the Chaplain ministry allows the opportunity oftentimes to introduce faith as an element of care. That care always begins with presence.

Roland grew up in the southern corner of NC in Duplin and Pender counties. He was ordained in the Wesleyan Church in 1987 the same year he married Cindy Lanier and finished his M.Div at Asbury Seminary. He has served as pastor in three churches from 1988 – 2011: two as senior pastor (Ash and Ramseur, NC) and one as a staff pastor at FWC in High Point. He completed the Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.) degree from Drew University in 1995 and served in the Air Force Reserves from 1998 – 2000 as a Chaplain. He has also done CPE work at Baptist Health in Winston-Salem. Roland and Cindy live in Thomasville with their rescued cat, “Holly” and  rescued Maltese, “Miki.”

In response to the global pandemic associated with coronavirus/COVID-19, Providence Place  has been monitoring and implementing measures as recommended by local, state and federal health officials. In keeping with appropriate guidance,  please contact each community to learn their COVID visitation policies: 

Westchester Village  336-888-4564

Westchester Manor Nursing and Rehab 336-888-4604

Westchester Harbour Assisted Living 336-888-6761